Visit to Alpette, Turin and Goglio in 2002

In October 2002, Donald, James and Garay Goglio along with Richard Shultz visited the Italian relations in Alpette and Turin.  It was a geat pleasure meet with the relatives and to see the pretty town of Alpette. We all had a wonderful time. We also toured the beautiful city of Torino, seeing the Royal Palace and many great old churches. Torino is a very interesting city.

Donald Goglio, Adriana Seren Bernadone, Dick Shultz, Dionigi Seren Rosso and his wife
at Adriana's house in Alpette


Garay, Dick, Donald, and Jim in Goglio, Batista plaza,. The picture at the left was taken at the same location as the old Goglio and Seren ancesters picture.              

Jim, Dick, and Donald in front of the old Seren Bernadone house.

Adriana Ceretta Obertina in Torino

              Donald, Adriana, Garay, and James in Torino

Alberto Pavarani, Anna (Ceretto) Pavarani, Rosalke Deakate (Ceretto), James Goglio, Paulo Ceretto, and
Donald Goglio at a fine Torino restaurent

       Alberto Pavarani, Anna (Ceretto) Pavarani, Rosalke (Deakate) Ceretto,

 Garay and Dick

 Donald, Adriana, and Garay

Adriana Ceretto-Obertina's family with us Turin
front row: Andrea, Luca, Rosalke, Adriana, and Martina
back row: Jim, Don, Anna, Paulo, Dick, and Garay


Donald, Garay, and Jim at the town of Goglio

Goglio looking down the valley. Note the stone roofs on the houses.