Columbus Goglio Album

Columbus Goglio was born on December 29, 1909 in Leechburg Pa. He married Maria Tira on October 4 1932. Marie was born in Rock Springs Wy on June second 1902. She was taken to Italy to live when she was very young, since her mother died. When she was in her teens, she returned to the Leechburg Pa. where her father had a farm. Both Columbus and Marie worked at the Schenley Distillery bottling works. They had no children, however they were loved by their many nieces and nephews



Columbus Goglio and Marie Tira's Wedding picture

standing from left to right are Amelia "Molly" Aiello, Giovanna Goglio,
Alfred "Fred" Aiello

seated are Marie and Columbus Goglio








Columbus the late 1920s.Columbus in the summer of 1996

Al and Dick with Columbus