A Visit from Italian Relatives

Adriana & Constintino Ceretto-Obertino toured the United States in May and June of 1997.  While touring the Northeastern US they stopped in Leechburg to visit the Goglio descendants living in there.  When they visited Washington D.C, the Goglio cousins living in that area had a very enjoyable visit with Adriana and Constantino

Adriana and Constantino live in Turin, which is less than 100 km from Alpette. They have two married children and three grandchildren. Constintino died in 2000.

This picture was taken at Dick's house in Potomac.Md.  Adriana, Constantino, and Donald Goglio are seated with Arlene Aiello, Garay Goglio, and Dick Shultz standing


While in Washington, they visited Arlington national Cemetery, The Roosevelt Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. The picture of Adriana and Constantino was taken at the Jefferson Memorial.



Dick Shultz and Constatino at the Jefferson Memorial        


Adriana with her grandchildren Andrea, Luca, and Martina