Goglio Italian Ancestors


The Goglio and Seren Families picture was taken in Alpette Italy. This is adjacent to the town square named for Batista Goglio. It was taken sometime between 1907 to 1912, when Joseph had returned to Alpette for a visit.

The people identified by Constintino Ceretto-Obertino and Marina (Goglio) Fondrk are: 

First Row (Sitting on chairs): Joseph (Giuseppe) Goglio (3rd from left), Sandretto Apollonia Goglio (Giuseppe's mother) (5th from left), Pietro Goglio (Giuseppe's father) (6th from left), Lucille Bernadone-Seren (Giovanna's mother)(1st from right)

Second Row (standing): Catherina Goglio Ceretto-Obertino (Giuseppe's sister) (8th from left), Jacima Ceretto-Obertino (Catherina's husband): (9th from left), Carolina Goglio (Giuseppe's sister) (7th from left), Madalina Goglio (Giuseppe's sister) (6th from left)

Third (Last) Row: Giovanni Giuseppe Goglio (1st from the left), James Serene-Bernadone) (Giovanna's brother) 2nd from the left. He later lived in  New York

Memorial for Pietro and Appolona Goglio (Giuseppe's parents)

Lucille Bernadone-Seren (Giovanna's mother)·


There is a town of Goglio near the Swiss border about 100 kms north west of Alpette, althought there are no Goglio's living there.

Donald, Garay, and James Goglio at the town of Goglio


The above family tree was created from information provided by Arturo Feletti. Fifteen years ago Arturo's mother Lina Goglio mother searched the lineage of Goglio ancestors with the help of an Alpette pastor using the old church archive. They found Goglio ancestors up to 1700 circa. Their family traced their Goglio lineage back to Giovanni Goglio 1650.

It is believed that the that Goglio family originates from French nobility.


The information concerning Arturo Feletti's family is:

1650 Circa Goglio, Giovanni Battista
1700 Circa son Goglio, Giacomo married Goglio, Anna Maria 25/8/1725
14/12/1727 son Goglio, Giovanni Battista married Seren Rosso Domenica 8/9 1759
16/11/1760 son Goglio, Giacomo Francesco married Ceretto, Giannone Maria C. 26/5/1795
18/12/1809 son Goglio, Giacomo Domenico (is a brother of Goglio, Pietro father) married with Seren Rosso, Antonia 7/2/1832
30/6/1847   son Goglio, Giovanni Battista (cousin of Goglio, Pietro Guiseppe's father) married with Seren Bernadone Desolina /5/1875
7/12/1889   son Goglio, Giovanni Giuseppe married Goglio, Orsola Maddalena 7/2/1914
13/9/1918   son Goglio Arturo (Arturo's grandfather) married Goglio Angela (my grandmother) 19/3/1939
                their children

Great Grand Children are